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Aromatherapy_ 15 Free Bonus Books! 65+ Ready-Made Aromatherapy Recipes To Relieve Stress

Brief introduction:

Nature has bestowed the human race with a number of different blessings which are beyond the scope of being countable. The potential of utilization of these blessings depends upon the intensive research and rigorous efforts to discover these blessings and make use of these as much as possible. One of these blessings includes the different essential oils which can be obtained from different plants and a number of their parts. Using these essential oils one of the branches of therapeutics is named as Aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is based on the notion of the utility of different aromas and fragrances, bestowed by nature to different plants and their parts. The aroma can get into the human body to yield a number of different useful benefits including the cure of the diseases and maintenance of body parts. The best use of aromatherapy is subjected to research and development in this field.

The book will entail an in-depth discussion about different categories of aromatherapy including massage, inhalation, and bath. We have divided this book into different segments which will cover these major categories. Each section contains multiple recipes so that it can encounter a number of problems of different readers.

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Essential Oils_ Essential Oils Allergy Cure_ The Definitive Guide On Using Essential Oils

Brief introduction:

No longer need to be a prisoner to over the counter medications and their terrible side effects to be able to enjoy going outside this spring.

What if I told you there is a natural way to get rid of seasonal allergies with NO side effects?

Essential oils are quickly becoming THE alternative treatment for pets and people alike. There are so many benefits that you can get out of essential oils, why suffer from the discomfort and pain any longer?

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Aromatherapy_ Essential Oil Recipes Guide Book For Beginners

Brief introduction:

This book is telling about the importance and usage of the Essential oils so that you will have everything things answered for the essential oils. The Chapters included in this book are as under:


Chapter 1 – How to use the Essential oils?

Chapter 2 – Health Benefits of Aromatherapy

Chapter 3 – How Essential oils guide you to the Health


Download link: essential-oil-recipes-guide-book-for-beginners

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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR DEPRESSION_ The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Beating Depression, Anxiety & Stress

Brief introduction:

Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn When You Download The Ebook Today…
What Are Essential Oils?
Some Precautions When Using Essential Oils
Essential Oils for Depression
Marvelous Essential Oil Recipes To Calm, Overcome & Conquer Anxiety And States Of Depression!
The Only Essential Oils I Use And Recommend (And What To Watch Out For!)
And Much, Much More!
be Sure To Download Your Bonus Content At The Rear Of The Book!
The Time For You To Improve The Quality Of Your Life & Happiness With Essential Oils Is Now

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Essential Oils: A Complete A-Z Guide To Essential Oils For Beginners

Brief introduction:

This essential oils guide includes over 90 of the most beneficial and amazing essential oils that you can use to lose weight, relieve headaches, and help prevent illnesses such as cancer, HIV, asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular system cerebral-vascular events, and much more.

Take care of your health the natural way!

Download link: a-complete-a-z-guide-to-essential-oils-for-beginners