How To Register Your Product?

Don't know how to register your products? Please click here.

1. Visit our website:, to continue, you need to login first. Click the “Login” button, it will take you to the sign-in page.


2. Sign in our website, you can create an account with your email address, or you can sign in with your other social accounts, like Facebook account or your Google account.


3. Once you've signed in successfully, the page will jump to the profile page, you can see your Account Information, Order Record, Warranty Record, and Address there.
Now you can load the link again:, this time you can fill out the form directly.

4. Fill all the blanks to register your product
Order Number: If you bought the product on your own, please make sure to fill the correct Order Number;
Product Name: It’s identified by the Model Number, which can be found on the packaging of each product, or in the Product Description page on our website.

5. After you filled all the information, click the “submit” button, during the process, the button will show “ SUBMITTING”, and then, you will see the following tip: Congratulations! You have extended your product warranty successfully! You can now check the details in your profile, Which indicates that you have submitted successfully, your products will have the 18 months warranty.

How to check your warranty?

1. Login first;

Once  you  logged in successfully, the website will jump to the profile page, you will see four column, they are:

PROFILE, ORDERS, WARRANTY and ADDRESS. Click the “WARRANTY”, you will get your warranty record when checking the Warranty section.

And also, you can register your product from here: My Profile—WARRANTY—Add New Product