InnoGear 150ml Real Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser with 6 Bottles 100% Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Set Cool Mist Humidifier Gift Set for Bedroom Home Office



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Model Number: AD308K


Enjoy an oil diffuser that comes with a compact and portable design,  as well as natural bamboo finish. No matter where you plan to use your diffuser, whether it is at work or in the coziness of your home, the natural design of the device will make it the perfect addition to any kind of décor.
The LED light provides a gentle and soothing illumination that will help you relax while allowing you to enjoy much-needed rest. By dispersing essential oil microparticles into the air, the diffuser helps to eliminate odor effectively and create comfortable indoor environment.

This aromatic diffuser comes with a built-in safeguard that will automatically switch the device off when water level is low. This means that you will be able to turn it on at bed time and enjoy purified air throughout your sleep without any concern whatsoever.

Misting Mode
First Press - mist button in yellow, continuous mist mode
Second Press - mist button in red, intermittent mist mode
Third Press - mist button in blue, 1 Hr timer
Fourth Press - mist button in green, 2 Hrs timer
Fifth Press - turn off mist

Material: BPA-free Bamboo
Water Capacity: 150 ml
Timer: 1 Hr/2 Hrs
Misting Mode: Intermittent (mist and pause per 10s)/Continuous misting mode/No mist
Power: 10 W
Voltage: 110-240 V

Package includes
1* Diffuser
1* Essential Oil Set (6 scents included)
1* Measure Cup
1* Adapter
1* User Manual

1. Do not exceed MAX line when refilling water, otherwise mist may be low.
2. Please clean your diffuser regularly after 3 uses.