InnoGear USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser with 10ml Peppermint Oil Gift Set Aroma Humidifier for Home Office Travel Vehicle



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Model Number: MH50L


Aromatherapy - with a few drops of pure essential oils added in the water tank, this ultrasonic diffuser breaks essential oil particles down into micro-molecules along with water and spread them into the air to help enjoy aromatherapy relaxation.

Humidification - take off the diffuser cap and add water below the Max line, then turn on the diffuser to let the smooth mist to provide moisture to you.

Purification - add in the included peppermint essential oil, let the strong scent of peppermint to cover the unwanted smell in your car or room and keep you stay concentrated.

Perfume Your Way Home or to Work

Thoughtful Button on the Top, Handy to Operate

With the buttons designed on the top, this diffuser is perfect for use in cars. You can enjoy the benefits it's meant to provide simply by pressing on the buttons even when you are driving. This diffuser is specially designed for cars so it will sit tightly in the cup holder. No need to worry that the water will splash out as you drive.

Warm Tips Before Use

1. Use a car power adapter with at least 5V 1A to power on the diffuser.

2. No charger adapter included.

3. The stream it releases depends on the water level in the water tank. Please add the right amount of water, above the minimum level but do not exceed the max.

4. Please use 100% pure essential oil with this diffuser. Low-quality oil that contains chemicals, spices or impurities may cause malfunction.


Compact Size, Convenient for carrying and Use

Suitable for living room, office, SPA room, yoga room, reception area, etc.

A multifunctional device on hand to be packed in a suitcase and bag.

Auto-off Safety Switch

Anxious about the safety of the diffuser? Thanks to auto-off safe switch that shuts off at once when low water is detected, this diffuser is totally safe to use even at night.

Mute Operation

This car diffuser will work silently until water runs out. No dripping sound or fan noise produced during operation. It will keep your company like an intimate.