InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, Upgraded Diffusers for Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode Waterless Auto Shut-off for Home Office Baby


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Model Number: MT-039

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Schroer
Great Little Diffuser

This is my third diffuser, I have fallen in love with them. My last one cracked just got the this model & love it. It's simple, clean look, doesn't take up a lot of space & multiple uses. Many LED light choice which I love because I use as night light too. 30 second interval mode to get more time, can use as small humidifier if want. Plus it doesn't break the bank. Great value for the money without cutting corners!

Best one I ever owned

I have had this mister for about a year. It works great. I have trouble sleeping so I add lavender and cedar wood essential oils and I sleep like a log! The intintermittent cycle is the best it lasts til morning.

Kedna souffrant

Come before times in good condition work perfectly ,I love it ,I’m going to buy 2 mores ,I love it

Dakota Haynes
Amazing product

The aromatherapy Mister was given to me as a Christmas gift from my grandparents this year I've had it for about a week now and my husband and I absolutely love it we were also gifted one of their essential oils and it is absolutely perfect it lets off very moderate scents it's not overbearing but yet you can definitely smell the difference when you're walking in it doesn't just fade as soon as it gets light off beautiful shape and I love how the lights change super easy to use in really does last a while there essential oils really are made to last a little bit goes a long way I would recommend this 10 out of 10 to anybody looking to gift to a family member or friend or even if you're just trying to purchase it for yourself if you register the product you get an additional 6 month warranty so in total I now have an 18-month warranty just by registering it on their website they make it super easy I had it done in under 2 minutes now I know it's protected at least if anything happens to a wrong when you register it brings you to a page that you can see where they sell their essential oil packs as well

Wilmaura Nieves
Love it

It's really good, perfect for the kids betroom