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Empower Relaxation with Remote

Experience complete control with the remote. From turning it on or off to setting timers, adjusting mist levels from a gentle to a robust flow, or switching between continuous and intermittent mist modes – all at your fingertips. Simply relax, recline, and take charge of every aspect with ease.

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Long-Lasting Oil Diffuser

Enjoy extended tranquility with our oil diffuser, offering 9-12 hours of strong mode or an impressive 16-18 hours in a weak mode. No more interruptions in the middle of the night – indulge in continuous aromatherapy without the hassle of frequent refills.

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Discover the Difference

The upgraded aromatherapy diffuser boasts an impressive 300% increase in mist strength, ensuring a gentle and widespread diffusion of soothing aromatherapy. elevate your space with consistent humidification and immersive aromatherapy.

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Customizable Lighting

Set the mood with our essential oil diffuser's independent lighting option. Choose from a captivating rotation of 8 colors or fixate on a specific hue, crafting a welcoming atmosphere that enhances your space.


Effortless Refills

Enjoy the convenience of a large water tank with an easy-to-lift cover, making refilling a breeze.

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Customizable Mist Modes

Choose between continuous or intermittent mist, with the option for a strong or weak flow, creating the perfect atmosphere tailored to your needs.

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Convenient Timer Settings

Set your preferred timer (1H/2H/3H) and let the aroma diffuser automatically power off when the time is up, providing a hassle-free experience.

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Exceptional Quality

Crafted from premium PP material, diffuser ensures safety for you. Delivered in a beautiful gift box, it's an ideal present for family and friends.


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