InnoGear Microphone Stand Adjustable Suspension Boom Scissor Arm Stand with 3/8"to 5/8" Screw Adapter Shock Mount Windscreen Pop Filter Mic Clip Holder Cable Ties for Microphones



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Model Number: MU059

Product description


InnoGear professional microphone stand is a convenient and useful product which has been widely used in live broadcasting, podcast, etc. With the upgraded heavy-duty design, it provides you an unexpected result about performance. Moreover, the adjustable arm allows you to carry it easily. For the shock mount, it not only fits for microphone with an outer diameter of 40-52mm (Not fit for Blue Yeti) but also fits the thinner microphone (35-40mm) by charging the position of rubber rope.

3/8" to 5/8" Metal Screw Adapter
Fits for Blue Yeti, Blue Snowball, Blue Yeti Nano

Shock Mount
Material: Durable Metal & High Elasticity Rope
Fits for Microphone with a diameter of 35-40mm & 40-52mm

The microphone stand is suitable for:
Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, Yeti Nano, Yeti X, Blue Snowball iCE and Blue Snowball
Audio-Technica AT2020, AT2020USB+, AT2035, ATR2500-USB and ATR2100-USB
Fifine K669B & K669 

Package Includes:
1* InnoGear Microphone Stand
1* InnoGear Zinc Alloy Table Mounting Clamp
1* InnoGear Professional 3/8'' to 5/8'' Metal Screw Adapter
1* InnoGear Microphone Pop Filter
1* InnoGear Shock Mount
5* InnoGear Cable Ties
1* InnoGear User Manual

Microphones in the picture are not included.